"I can't confirm that SPP dumped _all_ the boxes but I seem to have them all, with the Japanese properly displayed in a Word file. I definitely see how such a function could be useful even if not used with your other tools."

Jean-Christophe Helary, Japan (January 2008)

"I have a regular client who is an antique dealer and regularly sends me inumerable paragraphs describing the items to be auctioned. The dimensions for each item are in cm and need to be converted to in. After doing some 500 items (X cm. x Y cm. x Z cm.) by hand, using a conversion application to find the numbers, it is a joy to have your CNV to do this tedious job for me! Likewise, I get numerous technical specifications with long tables of dimensions for parts. Trados sometimes converts the decimal comma to a decimal point but, of course, cannot ever convert the units. Here again, your CNV is invaluable and I have found no other application that does this type of work as well as yours. Comparing the time I gain with the CNV to what I can earn in that time doing translation, it has easily paid for itself in an hour or two. The fact that your application integrates easily and fully into MSWord is, clearly, also a spectacular feature. Thanks again for your insightful initiative."

Paul K., Brazil (December 2006)

"I translate medical texts from Turkish to English and vice versa and am often asked for a glossary. Preparing the glossary usually takes more time than the translation project itself. T4T-GLO has enabled me to form glossaries in very little time and is the sort of product that pays for itself in time saved the first time you use it. I can now look forward to preparing 1000 word glossaries in no time at all. Unlike automated glossary tools which use whole sentences T4T-GLO also lets you form word or phrase glossaries. Just select-escape-select-escape-return. That's all there is to it. Problems are unlikely but if there are any the customer service is second-to-none as I observed following a minor conflict with my Turkish system. All in all, an excellent product well worth the money."

A.Y, Turkey (February 2003)

"Grazie davvero!! Voglio ringraziare testimoniando che S&R è l'UNICO programma i che ci ha risolto un problema davvero molto noioso, lungo e con possibilità di sbagliare. Dobbiamo completare alcune TABELLE . Nelle TABELLE ci sono parole in INGLESE - ITALIANO dobbiamo aggiungere alle parole esistenti anche la traduzione in PORTOGHESE, GRECO, SPAGNOLO abbiamo così creato un glossario con 2 colonne: colonna 1 = INGLESE, colonna 2 = INGLESE, PORTOGHESE, GRECO, SPAGNOLO. La cosa molto utile è che S&R è interattivo e quindi ci permette di skip-pare le sostituzioni che non ci interessano Ripeto. Nessun programma (Trados, Multitrans, Wordfast) permette di fare ciò. Ancora Grazie."

G.G., Italy (December 2003)

"Success. I just translated 1027 word combinations in less than 10 minutes. your program is fantastic. Thanks for hanging in there with me."

J.O., Morocco (December 2003)

"Your documentation is very well written. Macros tested easily."

R.R., Quebec (April 2004)