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Q uestion Mac users: unstuffing problems?
A nswer For Mac users who have problems unstuffing our module packages: It seems that somewhere along the line, Stuffit under Mac OS X lost the ability to properly unstuff .sit files. Even the DeLuxe version of Stuffit creates folders with 0 files or only 1 or 2 files instead of mostly 5 (ReadMe, the module, the installer(s), and 1 or 2 samples). This also applies to Stuffit Expander 11 which is available free. We are going to repackage all our T4T utilities using the native Mac "Create Archive" function. Until then, look at the following video to see a workaround.

Watch video
(Get Quicktime if the movie is not playing properly in your browser).

Q uestion PC users: Installer problems?
A nswer For people who have problems with the installer: if Word's security settings are "HIGH", you'll only see a blank document when you launch the installer. Set your security settings to "LOW" for the installation process: you can do this in Tools > Macros > Security. If you want real-time assistance, please note that we have ICQ and Yahoo IM accounts.
Q uestion All users: Download problems?
A nswer It's hard to believe, but some people enter "a@a.com" as the e-mail address to which they want a tool sent and are then surprised when nothing arrives. However, a download can also fail if your provider believes we are sending out spam. Unless you have an alternate e-mail address, the only thing we can recommend is to add itla.ch to your whitelist. Also, please make sure your e-mail program does not trash zipped attachments.
Q uestion Does T4T need/want resellers and beta testers?
A nswer Yes. We would be happy to discuss reseller arrangements in Eastern Europe and South America. Also, we are always interested in having our tools tested by PC and Mac users. Let us know what configuration of OS/Office you have and if it's not mainstream, we'd love to have you aboard as a beta tester.