None of the T4T utilities is meant to interact or compete with Trados or any similiar translation software. They are all remarkably simple, affordable, and robust standalone applications that run inside Microsoft Office on PCs and Macs.

Due to the overwhelming number of permutations of operating systems and MS Office application versions, we cannot guarantee that T4T tools will work in every configuration. Therefore, we urge you to test our demo versions before you decided to purchase a T4T tool. We are gaining experience with Office 2007 and things look good. If the demo versions work on your PC, the unlocked versions will work as well.

Less good news for the Mac community: Microsoft has discontinued Visual Basic support for Office:mac 2008. Please don't throw away Office:mac 2004 yet. It will take quite a while for us to develop the T4T suite for use with this software.

A word about payment: We consider our modules to be useful time and money savers. If you share this opinion, please pay for our proprietary software and do not give it away to your competitors for free.