Our "A" Team: The T4T website was designed and programmed by Donat Fulda (Z├╝rich). The shop was programmed by Dmytro Mazour (Montreal). Hans Ruopp (Fribourg) created the blog and the forum and has agreed to help moderate it. Dmytro and Ivan Polozyuk (just moved from Dnipropetrovsk to Australia) coded many of the original T4T macros. Riyoyo (Singapore), Chistee Abrar (Faisalabad), Joseph Meyer (Boston), Mahesh Khilani (Mumbai) are coders whose skills we highly appreciated. Vesna, Dejan, and Marjan helped out with VBA problems. And Chu An Wang (Shanghai) is the hottest PHP programmer we have met so far. Li Bin Guo, an ace programmer who lives in Sichuan Province, has been adding scores of improvements to various T4T utilities in the past months. We are very grateful for his commitment to T4T.

T4T would never have come to this point without scores of beta testers all around the world who checked the functionality of our tools, made improvement suggestions, and helped us extend compatibility to almost countless Mac and PC configurations. Thank you all!

Erich is the spiritus rector of all T4T modules and John Penn does his best to respond to questions from users.