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Professional translations from German to English and vice versa

Seewies 27
8594 Güttingen
Phone 044 390 20 16

Est. 1974
Site up since Oct. 95
Last update: May 2019

Who is EB?


Welcome! Our pages will briefly acquaint you with our craft: listening, thinking, and writing. In English and German.

We write coherent copy (examples on request).
We translate.

What we deliver is what you need ... anything from an invitation to an annual report. And everything in between. We provide just the text, or the text and layout concept, or - if it's convenient for you - the finished product ready to be seen by your audience. In print or on a computer screen.

ITLA is ethical, professional, and cost-effective. We're lean, value-conscious, and quality-minded. Contact us to talk about your project.

Our ingenious navigation concept (to the right of the ITLA logo) seems to stymie many site visitors. So, here are links to what we feel you should know:

Preferred fields
Working with us
Thinking and writing
Media production
Other stuff and the old site

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