Last update: a long time ago.

It all started in 1974. Since then, many people have left their mark on ITLA, some in passing, others for periods of fifteen years or more. They all helped put the company on the map, and in a prominent position at that.

The people who built ITLA:

Regula Nötzli (first secretary)
John Penn (first partner to work on weekends)
Elena Schlapfer (first lexicography assistant)
Dani Hemmi (first administrative assistant)
Ueli Frischknecht (first branch office manager)
Michael Montgomery † (first word processor)
Gawril Markov (first associate)
Gabe Bokor (owner of Accurapid, fellow pioneer)
Edward Christopher (first full-time translator, retired)
Doris Ammann (part-time branch office administrator)
Liliane Moos † (part-time branch office administrator)
Peter Borschberg (full-time branch office translator)
Beatrice Frey (part-time branch office word processor)
Sandra Stuber (proofreader)
Rolf Brander (full-time translator)
Marga Keller (part-time word processor, organizer)
Claude Junker (full-time word processor)
Esther Bopp (part-time word processor)
Cornelia Mayerhofer (full-time translator)
Beverly "Perle" Michaud (first full-time proofreader)
Marco (computer support technician)
Marcel Andai † (full-time lexicographer/translator)
Robert Kenney (full-time word processor, organizer)
Victoria Owen (full-time secretary)
Faith Wisner (full-time secretary)
Barbara Bruppacher (superb office manager and right-hand woman)
Michael Johnson (former business associate)
Christiane von der Weid (part-time word processor)
Chantal Keiser (full-time translator)
William J. Grimes (ITLA associate)
Thomas Snow (freelance translator)
Isabel Leonard (ITLA associate)
Matt Hammond, LLC (international documentation consultant)
Janice Becker (freelance translator)
Betty Howell (ITLA associate)
Nicolas Hartmann (ITLA associate)
Ben Teague (ITLA associate)
Joanne Nagler-McKeigue (freelance translator)
Volker Doerflinger (freelance translator)
Klaus Leith (freelance translator)
Joseph McClinton (freelance translator)
Thomas Mechau (freelance translator)
William Skinner (freelance translator)
Maren Taylor (freelance translator)
Pamela Bühler (post-graduate trainee)
Nina Hauri (part-time secretary)
Edith Rogers (part-time coordinator/accountant)
Lynda Karr (freelance proofreader/editor)
Melissa Simpson (freelance proofreader/editor)
Julia Bell (freelance editor)
Sabine Milowan (freelance translator)
Susi Mayr (freelance translator)
and many other freelancers around the world
Erich Brandenberger (founder, workhorse)